Price Location And Condition By Pamela Camiscioni

Dated: 04/08/2015

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Price Location and Condition by Pamela  Camiscioni

Have you ever heard that you need all three of these items to be in agreement with each other to promote the best marketing for your home? Yes, it's very important to get all three right to attract the right buyer and at the right pricing to make your marketing efforts a success.

Let's break down the three words and make sense of why they are so important. We'll start with PRICE, since it's all about the money! Pricing your home must be done in a realistic way to attract any buyer. Have your agent runs comparisons for homes of similar style and amenities if possible to see what has sold recently in your neighborhood. You should also take a look at homes for sale and if there are any homes under contract. Why is it is important to look at other homes that are for sale and under contract; because they are also part of your impending competition once you list your home for sale. As your agent I need to look over the listings to see how they compare to your home and what your home has to offer versus what they have to offer. Let's say a listed home for sale in your neighborhood that is the same model as your house, did a complete update in the kitchen. For the purposes of simplicity, let's say that is the only difference, the listed home with the updated/new kitchen with high end appliances, upgraded cabinets and counter tops with hardwood floors, will get more money when selling versus your home with the builder's kitchen that does not boast the upgrades your neighbors house has. So, when it comes to pricing you need to be sure that you are not pricing too high because consumers are very savvy ad they will see the difference between the two home, you don't want to turn off buyers, you want to turn ON buyers!!! If you want to give yourself and edge over your neighbor, I suggest looking outside and see if you can give your home real curb appeal, maybe update some of your shrubs, add flowers if the time of year is right! Fertilize the grass so it pops out with a great green inviting color! These types of add ons are not very expense, mostly considered your sweat equity. In the long run they add dollars to your bottom line! Be real when it comes to pricing, you don't want your house to sit and then slowly drop your price, do it right the first time and you will get a buyer in less time.

How about the LOCATION of your home?

I'm sure you have heard of the saying "location, location, location", it stands true even today. Of course you cannot move your house to a better spot so work with what you have. Some homes are located on premium lots, or on the water, or on a golf course, etc. If your home is located in a very desirable area, chances are you will benefit with more money at closing for your property. Let's say you are in a neighborhood without any special draw, then again, make your house show like the star that it is! I cannot stress enough how curb appeal can draw in a prospective buyer!!! Ask yourself, have you ever decided you were not interested in a house because of the way it looked on the outside? If so, make sure this is NOT your house; remember you want to sell for the highest and best dollar amount the market will bear, this means the value is being driven by market conditions, not real estate agents.

CONDITION, why does that matter?

Condition is the last item to deal with when marketing your home. Each home owner needs to do a room by room close look and see what really needs to be done. Do you have a few rooms that really need to be painted to look good again? Are the rooms cluttered with lots of stuff??? Remember you are now looking at marketing your home, no one is buying your stuff, that's why the experts always say de personalize your home!!! What about that faucet that is loose fitting or the garbage disposal that's on its last leg or spin, so to speak? After you go through your house guess what; your still not done. Time to head outside and get the yard, raked, the flower beds cleaned out, the front door may need a fresh coat of paint. Check the gutters, decking, etc.

Keep in mind, this goes full circle, once the condition is upgraded to excellent so is your pricing!!! And once you utilize the three items above you will attract a buyer for your home in no time and the buyers for your house will feel better about paying more for a true turnkey home than one they need to budget for items to bring it back up to par or make necessary repairs.

Price Location and Condition affect both buyers and sellers, so it's important to understand all three to make a good selling or buying decision. Spring is here and the market is picking up, so get your game on and follow the easy steps above. Good luck and feel free to e mail, text or call me with any questions about your real estate needs. My Motto: What Can I Do For YOU?

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