NFL Last Four Teams Standing

Dated: 01/18/2016

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What a difference a week made in the playoffs this year. Last week all four games were won by the visiting teams. This week, the home teams were the winners. What conclusion can we draw from this looking forward? Absolutely nothing. Most of the games could have had different outcomes given a different play or two. One thing I can truly say is that you have to play a full 60 minutes or until the games is over in the case of Arizona & Green Bay. On the NFC side, Arizona will travel to Carolina. The AFC pits New England versus Denver in Denver. Unless you’ve been under a rock for the last eight days, this isn’t anything new. Why would someone want to read this and then tell his friends to look at it? My bold predictions, that’s why. I must disclose that I am a native of Pittsburgh, so I no longer have a horse in the race. I do still have biases, the never ending struggle between heart and head. Without further delay here’s how I predict the outcomes. The groundhog will see his shadow. Sorry, wrong prediction.

Heart: Arizona will face Denver (or anybody but New England) winner, it’s a coin flip (maybe a do over).

Head: Carolina will face New England and the Panthers will end up one game short of a perfect season.

Stock up on your favorite beverages and snacks, we still have some football to watch. Here’s hoping for good games and minimal injuries. Enjoy.

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