Sonic BOOM Felt On Long Beach Island

Dated: 01/29/2016

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If you live on Long Beach Island, there is always something interesting to talk about.  Lately, it's been the latest storm (Jonas) and the flooding and beach erosion that followed.  Sometimes it's seals....other times snowy owls.  But today it was the tremors that rocked my house! My home is built on pilings and this afternoon, home alone with only the dog, I thought my husband ran his truck into the house. The house shook so hard the sliding glass doors banged in their housing and the tv almost fell onto the floor.  I called his name. Nothing. I went out on the deck to see if there was construction of any sort in sight or road work. Nothing.  I started to think I was crazy when it happened again.  When my husband came home a little while later, and I explained what happened, HE thought I was crazy.  But then we walked up to the beach and 2 more times those tremors were felt and this time there was a 'boom' as well.  According to news reports, two military aircraft  took off from Pomona, NJ today and were flying faster than the speed of sound.  700 mph!  When they fly at this rate, the nose of the aircraft first pierces the sound barrier.  It then travels the length of the aircraft and as soon as it exits the tail section of the aircraft, it is accompanied by the BOOM!  Cold weather intensifies the sonic boom effect.  This explains why so many up and down the NJ coast tweeted, called their local police departments and phoned their friends.  Nothing like a nice Sonic Boom to bring us together.

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