Smithville’s Octoberfest a Trip Back in Time

Dated: 09/26/2011

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Now that the summer is over and the beaches are almost empty, there is still more to do at the Jersey Shore.  Take a trip halfway between Long Beach Island and Atlantic City where visitors will find the historic city of Smithville.  On October 1st and 2nd Smithville will host its annual Octoberfest.

Come early to miss the long walk to the village. There are parking lots next to the village which are free if you get there early.  During Octoberfest different charities will ask for a donation as you enter the lot.

The village itself is a trip back in time to a small English village.  There are over 60 stores that visitors stroll by on rambling paths that will often have colorful chickens walking with them. The stores in the older section are reminiscent of days long past and are filled with interesting articles that won’t be found in any mall.

As the visitors walk over a wooden bridge that spans a small lake, they can see ducks, swans and boats that can be paddled around the lake.  There always seem to be many geese that don’t want to leave the area because the tourists feed them in spite of the signs asking not to because it stops their migrating pattern.  

Across the bridge is the newer section that seems more concrete than small English village.  But children will enjoy this section with its train ride, boats and carousel.

On Saturday and Sunday of Octoberfest, the village walkways and inside parking lot have vendors of every kind selling their artistic wares. There is a section of every type of fabulous food that could be transported on a truck if you do not want to eat at the historic Smithville Inn or or other restaurants in the village.  

Visit the quaint shops and vendors on a beautiful fall day at Smithville, New Jersey, right on Route 9.

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