Ten Essential Smartphone Apps For Summer

Dated: 07/09/2014

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1. Windguru- How often does the wind call the day? Find out if the wind is going west before you surf, or if that sea breeze is going to wreck your evening plans. This very accurate app gives wind direction and speed forecasts, plus swell data a week out.

2. New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife- This nifty app by Pocket Ranger has all sorts of updated info on where to fish or watch wildlife. You can share your photos, download crab and clam licenses, and get all the regulations. There's even a hotline to call when you see someone with undersized catches.
3. iSunburn- iSunburn takes into account the sun's rays each day and warns you of excessive UV exposure by your location.
4. Surfline- Surfline is really the first name is surf forecasting. They take all the conditions forecast data and put it in everyday language. They also have 5 live surf cams in NJ, and while none of them are on LBI, they do give you a good idea of surf conditions.
5. Light- Flashlight app for your phone with a cool SOS flashing mode too.
6. Weather Underground- A very good resource from the website of the same name, easily read current local weather conditions.
7. Bloosee- The all-around app for boaters. NOAA charts and wind forecasts layered over maps will help you plot your course. It has information on anchorages, dive sites, marinas, hazards, etc. and let's you track your vessel on the water or even share your heading.
8. The Sandpaper- The official Go-To free newspaper on LBI...want to know everything that is going on locally, this is the place to check.
9. Tide Graph- A must have for everyone on the beach. Gives you a visual of where you are exactly in the hill of high tide and the valley of low tide.
10. ASP World Tour- Technically not an app but download it from ASPWorldtour.com and watch many professional surf tours around the world.
Courtesy of Jon Coen and The BeachComber
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